Studio Olivieri&Associati – Consulenza Attuariale e Finanziaria

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Financial Intermediaries Consultancy


Olivieri & Associati  offers technical advice to financial intermediaries, trusts and servicers of securitization transactions registered in the ex art. 106 of the new TUB, for the following activities:

Analysis of capital adequacy intended as regulatory capital and capital requirement;

Assistance in the application of the supervisory provisions that define the methods for determining the regulatory capital, as well as the criteria and limits for the calculation of the items that make it up;

Assistance in the definition and implementation of the ICAAP, ie the assessment of the capital adequacy, current and future, in relation to the risks assumed and the business strategies;

Identification of the business risks associated with the specific financial activity and the methods for containing them;

Definition of policies and of the risk management process and related detection and control procedures;

Preparation of models for credit risk assessment both in the acceptance phase and for the active monitoring of its customer portfolio;

Definition of procedures to analyze and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes and strategies at every stage of the credit lifecycle, from engagement and origination to portfolio management and credit recovery;

Monitoring of the operation of the measurement and risk control system;

Definition and application of indicators able to highlight anomalous situations and ineffectiveness of risk measurement and control systems;

Monitoring of the evolution of business risks and compliance with operating limits to the assumption of the various types of risk;

Assistance in applying the prudential regulation in which specific public disclosure obligations (“third pillar”) are placed, aimed at favoring a more accurate assessment of the financial soundness and exposure to risks of intermediaries.