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Health Funds


Studio Olivieri & Associati – Actuarial and Financial Consulting provides actuarial assistance to Health Funds and Mutual Aid Companies.

In particular, the activities carried out are summarized below:

Statistical analysis of the partecipant population;

Estimation of the technical assumptions necessary for the projection of the demographic and economic variables;

Forecasting the annual flows of income and expenses, for each sub-category, in order to monitor the equilibrium conditions;

Evaluation of the Technical Balance Sheet, in order to decide on the equilibrium condition of the entity at the valuation date in terms of average current value of the incoming and outgoing flows;

Evaluation of the expected performance of the Assets of the entity;

Calculation of the equilibrium contributions for each sub-category;

If the entity is totally or partially affiliated with an insurance company: advising on the identification of the repayment areas strategically suitable for internalization and self-management both in a technical-economic sense and from an administrative point of view and assessments of the share insurance premium to be freed following internalization and possible technical comparison with the Company;

Periodic monitoring of the performance of the entity;

Impact analysis of possible changes of the Regulations;

Pricing of a coverage, internal or insurance-related, of Long Term Care (LTC).

In order to evaluate every possible future scenario of the entity, as well as the sensitivity of the balance itself as the technical assumptions used for the assessment are changed, sensitivity analysis are carried out on individual parameters modified one at a time (leaving the rest of the valuation ceteris paribus) that allow a better perspective view of the possible future scenarios in which the entity will have to move.

Moreover, Olivieri & Associati offers its availability to assist the entity’s resources in:

  • compilation of any specific reports
  • accounting for the economic items deriving from the valuation

The assessments are carried out in compliance with the latest legislative provisions, as well as on the basis of the rules established by the Company Regulations and compliant with the provisions of the COVIP and the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Policies. Furthermore, the analysis will be carried out according to appropriate actuarial techniques (best practice) for an appropriate number of years.