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Olivieri & Associati has assumed a primary role in Italy in actuarial and accounting consultancy according to international accounting standards since their introduction. Today, Olivieri & Associati offers support in the IAS-IFRS / US GAAP field to over three hundred companies operating nationally and internationally, using a highly specialized multi-disciplinary team composed of actuaries, IT engineers and accountants for the following accounting principles:

IAS 19/ASC715 Employee Benefits: Defined Benefits for Employee, as TFR and Loyalty or  Seniority Bonus;

IAS 37 Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets: Provisions for aleatory liabilities, such as supplementary customer indemnity and merit-based allowances to agents;

IFRS 2 Share-Based Payments: Stock option/stock grant Plans;

IAS 36 e IAS 38: Impairment of Assets E Intagible Assests: Evaluation of intangible assets with an indefinite life, such as goodwill, brands and customer lists;

IAS 39, IAS 32 E IFRS 7: Financial Instruments: Balance sheet entry and valuation of financial instruments, primary and derivatives;

Other IAS: IAS 17 Leases, etc.

In this context, Olivieri & Associati provides the following services:

  • Statistical and financial evaluations on company data, such as for example the quantification of the technical demographic and economic-financial assumptions useful for calculating provisions, on the basis of historical data relating to the collective being assessed or, if such data are not available, related to population considered similar to the one in analysis;
  • Actuarial valuations, through in-house computer software, of liabilities and income statement items to be recorded in the financial statements;
  • Sensitivity analysis on single parameters or on entire scenarios, which allow a better perspective view of possible future scenarios;
  • Technical support in the compilation of any specific reports and in the accounting of the economic and equity items deriving from the valuation;
  • Impact analysis of possible regulatory changes or accounting principles;
  • Drafting of multi-year budget statements;
  • Training courses addressed to CFOs, Budget Managers, Heads of Personnel and other technician personnel.